User Experience Designer



Teaching at General Assembly


Teaching at General Assembly has been one of the more rewarding experiences of my professional career.

I have relished the opportunity to share my expertise & experiences as a designer with my students and watch their skillset blossom as they take their class projects from conception through execution-- demonstrating a command of the skills needed to advocate for user-centric design wherever their careers may take them.


the course

A 10-week part-time, project-based User Experience Design course taught 2 hours per night, 2 nights per week.

my role

As a "Design Expert in Residence", I am responsible for a variety of administrative and educational duties.

In class I provide insights & examples from my professional experience to help illustrate concepts being reinforced in class. I offer assistance & feedback during breakout exercises, and give occasional presentations on topics related to course material such as User Onboarding.

I am also responsible for guiding students as they ideate and iterate on their project concepts. From helping students create a research brief to actively participating in usability testing and rapid prototyping. This is done during class as well as during "office hours" held after class to allow students additional opportunities for feedback, critique, and improvement.