Experience Designer & User Advocate
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Branding & Event Marketing

In February 2016, Snapchat introduced its newest revenue platform: The On Demand Geofilter portal. For the first time in its history, Snapchat began permitting 3rd parties to design and submit their own geofilters at a time and place of their choosing. In addition, these geofilters could also contain logos and branding material, previously not allowed under their guidelines. 

Soon after, I founded GEOFILT and began reaching out to businesses and individuals to offer my services as a designer and marketer. Using a variety of traditional and viral techniques, I was able to build a sustainable business model that has been profitable every month since its inception. Content marketing via Medium and an email newsletter list, recurring ads at a popular New York City food festival, a robust Google AdWords campaign, and social media marketing on platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, and Snapchat have powered GEOFILT to become a thought leader in the space of Snapchat marketing. You can see for yourself here, here, and here.

GEOFILT has pushed me to improve constantly, whether it means learning a new graphic design application or technique, A/B testing my AdWords campaigns, or restructuring pricing options to provide clients with the greatest number of impressions at the best possible price. In addition, I have learned from dozens of businesses, large and small, across the continental United States, about their own goals and expectations in the space of digital marketing. GEOFILT has been a pursuit whose fruits have extended far beyond its financial benefits. Running and growing this business has without a doubt been one of my more fulfilling professional experiences.