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Exploration: Conversational Interface


Exploring a Conversational User Interface





the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words.

"the two men were deep in conversation"


The design of a conversational user interface must begin with an exploration of conversation at a conceptual level.


Word association: CONVERSATION.

Casual. Informal. Human. Easy. Empathy. Understanding. Clear. Helpful. Learn. Teach. Offer. Mutual. Natural. Common. Social. Context. Communicate. Solicit. React. Question. Answer. Suggest. Recommend. Prefer. Interpret. Friendly. Greet.


To build an effective conversational interface, I determined a subset of conversational characteristics to evoke. The conversation should feel casual, friendly, and social to the end-user. This can be accomplished by designing a conversational experience that is empathetic, helpful, and clear.

User Flows & Sketching

In order to optimize the user's route toward purchasing and sending beer(s) to a friend, a single-select control is used in place of text-input as frequently as possible. This simplifies the need for a chatbot that can interpret slang, typos, and vague responses from a user.

Simultaneously, the user is informed of all of their possible options and can quickly make their selection and progress through their journey.