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VisionTyping: Blockchain Powered Philanthropic Marketplace


Visiontype: Blockchain Powered Philanthropic Marketplace



A tool for communicating a product strategy to an entire product team. Not meant to be used as a spec, often goes beyond the scope of a single project.



A shared, unalterable ledger for transparent and secure logging of transactions & information. Charitable organizations can benefit from the blockchain by being transparent in their fundraising and allocation of those funds, instilling trust in active and prospective donors.

What makes a good blockchain use case?

  1.  A Business problem to be solved
  2. An identifiable business network (Participants, Assets, Transactions)
  3. A need for trust (Consensus, Immutability, Finality, or Provenance)


The philanthropic use case:

  1. Problem: Increase in demand for Transparency, Efficiency, and Impact Reporting in the philanthropic sector.
  2. Network: Charities seek donations from Individuals and grants from Foundations.
  3. Trust: Both giving parties (Individual donors and Foundations) expect to see the outcomes of their giving. Blockchain provides that transparency on an individual transaction level.


"Trust is one of the most precious commodities for charities and not-for-profit organizations... Any tools that can provide new means of improving trust should therefore be of great interest."

-Charities Aid Foundation


Network personas:

  1. NPO Director of Development: This user is in charge of development and fundraising for NPO initiatives. They are seeking grants from Foundations, and individual gifts from Donors.
  2. Foundation Program Officer: This user is seeking compatible NPOs, programs, and initiatives to fund. Needs assurances that the money will be spent responsibly and that there will be a measurable ROI in terms of Impact/Outcomes.
  3. Individual Donor: This is a philanthropically minded individual of varying wealth who seeks to fund programs and initiatives that align with their own values. They want a say in what their gifts fund, and want proof from the NPO that it was spent responsibly and effectively.



Sketch of a donor-facing campaign page. A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit publishes a campaign complete with photos/videos, descriptive text, and of course, the Call to Action (Make a donation). 

Donors also will have the ability to earmark their donations for specific uses within the campaign mission (as defined by the Non-Profit). 

Once the donation is made, the Donor can review all their donations and drill in to each to ensure that their gift was appropriately allocated to the earmark they selected.

The Blockchain ledger is what empowers this transparency. Donors receive unprecedented insight into exactly what they funded with their gift.



work in progress

Check back soon to see more progress on this project.